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Oklahoma Uprising is an Alternative Country band fronted by singer/songwriter Joel T. Mosman. Lyrics about overcoming adversity rise up through raw electric guitars as a symbol of Mosman’s journey from self-destruction to self-actualization. Artistic influences include Leon Russell, Jason Isbell, Reckless Kelly, and Son Volt. Oklahoma Uprising is about the fight against existential hardship within and without. 


After a drug and crime riddled youth, and a less than honorable discharge from the Marine Corps Joel returned to Oklahoma with a trunk full of folk songs. His old friends were falling off the fence between prison and death. Joel watched from behind a harmonica with bloodshot eyes.  The pin hit the shell one night when local police arrested his good friend and former bandmate during a show. The event led Joel and the band to take a hard look in the mirror. 


Recovery and healing came by way of self actualization, the love from friends and family, and the grace of God. In 2010, Joel took the stage as a solo artist. His personal testament became manifest in the songs he wrote. The songs had a new purpose: self renewal, social justice, and community involvement. He has since opened for music legends like Roy Clark, Arlo Guthrie, and Jason Boland. His song "Letter to Woody" took 2nd place in the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest.


In 2016 he reconnected with some of his former bandmates. They swept up the ashes and set out with a positive message and a brand new sound. Zach Wiederstein (drums) is band leader, contributing songwriter, and owner of Stein House Studio (band headquarters). Wiederstein is a public school teacher and football coach. Travis Lyon (bass) is a public school teacher, basketball coach, and youth group volunteer. Stuart Godfrey (lead guitar) works in Early Intervention with children on the autism spectrum. The band members take special pride in leading a family and community oriented life. 


"I've looked up to these guys as great musicians and even greater humans for a long time. I'm honored they let me tag along with them!" - Joel T. Mosman


Their debut album High Sign (2020) is about the power of perseverance and radical love as a means to overcome adversity. The music was created at Stein House Studio in a series of three live sessions. Auxiliary instruments were tracked at various locations including Mike Mcclure's Boohatch Studio in Ada, Ok and the T. Hodge Lodge Studio in Shawnee. You can find High Sign and other music by Joel and the band on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, or wherever you get your music. For more information you can follow Oklahoma Uprising on social media and subscribe to their email list at

Oklahoma Uprising logo 2020.png
Joel T. Mosman Performance photo
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